• Feb 2014 Back again

    I've been back in Kinshasa since Jan 10. I came with a one month visa that needed an extension. Everything worked out concerning this. Now I'm waiting for a call concerning my flight to Tshikapa, hopefully this week.

    I'm again staying with the very hospitable Mpona family who are so concerned for my well-being. 

    Since my last time here there have been some changes in Kinshasa. An offical public bus transport system has started with 70 buses I believe. the buses stop at nice sheltered bus stops. By the end of this month the small vans will be banished from the central area. This is  of course sad for the people who make their living with it but the deadly rattletraps cause many accidents. The fact the are referred to as driving coffins says enough. So as far as safety is concerned this is a big step forward. Also the road from the center to the airprt is alsmost finished.

    A sad incident happened the other night close by our house. We heard later that a young man was hit by a van and had broken his leg. The driver had taken off, racing down the street with speed bumps, in the process losing a tire. It made a terrible noise plus people screaming. We don't know how it all ended but further down, the street becomes a typical bump and pothole alley which would even total a Dakar rally car if taken at full speed. 

    Electricity is still a problem. From the last eight days only five had electricity, but up to now it gets fixed every time. 

    Here's picture of a "Jeep" put together from a scooter and other parts by our friend Joseph. He's quite a genius and comes up with all kinds of ideas. A few days ago he was visitied by some people from the Ministry of Industry who were impressed with what he is doind in his little workshop and are now looking into how they can help him.Feb 2014 Back again

















    Here's another unique picture. It's a traffic agent robot made by a student from the technical university here. 


    Feb 2014 Back againHe turns, waves his arms and has lights.

    Valentine's day encounter. The other day I was waiting at the busstop. There was a young lady sitting with her head on her arms, sleeping. She looked quite in need but I didn't want to wake her up. My bus came and I was off. A few hours later while walking home the Lord reminded me of her, so I turned around and went to see if she was still there. And yes, she was. We talked a little. Her name was Deborah. She said she was looking for a job. I offered her some money so she could buy herself something to eat but she declined. So I prayed for her and gave her a "Why Worry? You're in His Hands" pamphlet. She was thankful. Only just now I realized it happened on Valentine's day, so I guess the Lord used me to show her some of His love and concern for her. 















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