• Lessons and miracles

    As the day of my flight back to Europe was approaching, I travelled back to Tshikapa on a motorcycle taxi. This was quite a ride, @ 50 km, over narrow paths, through streams and up steep slopes where I had to get off the bike otherwise it couldn't make it.

    In Tpa I stayed a few days with the DENYS company who are doing a big water project there and have been a great help to our work. On my day of departure though I became unwell, lost my balance a few times, fell and landed in a coma because of a cerebral-malaria attack. I have little recollection of the whole thing or how I was in the hospital, but thanks to the prayers of many I came through the ordeal.

    While still in Mushapo, I had had a few little times of not feeling well, but because the symptoms of malaria were practically non existant, I thought little of it until it hit me full force. So it pays to check out any odd feelings as something bigger might be brewing.

    I stayed a week in Kinshasa with our faithful Mpona family, many thanks also to Dom and Marie, who were a great help. At the moment I'm writing this, June 7, 2013, I'm at Aaron & Maresha's place in Budapest, where I am recuperating further.


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