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    April 14, 2012

    Here a picture of a DIY tetrahedron chair we see quite often.Tetrahedron chair

    Beautiful simplicity!

    Here some pics from the chief (with hat) in front of his "Palace" as you can read on the wall and the trenches with Jean the overseer, I talked about on  April 7



    April 11, 2012

    Here a picture of me helping a young man improve his reading Mushaposkills because he could not afford to go anymore to school at the age of 11 when his father died. He is one of the cooks here

    CarApril 10, 2012

    A typical house


    Yummy papaya. we're told the seeds (in moderation) are good against parasites and can prevent malaria (doubtful).


    April 8, 2012 Easter

    Christ is risen, Christ is risen
    E=MC2 surpassing
    No more bound by space or time
    Nor by matter or corruption
    Into everlasting glory
    Where He reigns sublime.
    Let us hold fast to His promise
    That one day we'll be like Him
    And till then proclaim the message
    Brother you can rise again.

    April 7, 2012

    This morning someone found a viper close to the kitchen. It was killed and takenMushapo away by a local who said it was a delicatesse.

    Later in the day we visited the school grounds where they dug the trenches for the foundation. Then we went to see one of the chiefs of Mushapo

    April 5, 2012

    Yesterday and today we again went through the list of children as some had not showed up before. Passing out some presents has become more complicated as they all show up again mixing with the ones who had not gotten anything yet.

    I am almost over conjunctivitis after prayer and rinsing my eye with a very mild vinager in water solution.

    Tonight the full moon was pretty much right above us, beautiful!

    Here a picture of how how travelling salesman transport their things as they go from hamlet to hamlet.Mushapo

    April 3, 2012

    Today we met the children who will be attending the school. We also had a little present for each of the kids which resulted of course in a lot of pushing and shoving. Then trying to pair up the names and pictures of the kids from last year with the pictures we took now is a major headache and we have to wait for tomorrow for some people who know all the kids who can help us with that.

    There was a shortcut and small fire which, thank God, was discovered just in time and put out.

    All in all progress.  




    These are my first steps int o blogging, so please bear with me.

    March 13, 2012

    Update on Congo

    Still in Kinshasa. Because of different d elays my visa will run out before we have a chance to go to Mushapo so we have to apply for an extension. However I cannot apply for one earlier than 7 days before my visa runs out on the 27th of March. So leaving some time between the application and getting it back in my  hands means, the earliest we’ll fly out of here will be the 24th. This will give us only 3 weeks in Mushapo instead of the 4 weeks or more we had anticipated.


    I got a miracle 6 month s  extension to my visa.

    Have to rebook my ticket.

    March 26

    Flew from Kinshasa to Tshikapa, then  drove to Mushapo over narrow sand roads partly in the dark. John’s bag missing.

    Stars, quiet.

    March 27

    Took a walk around the fields, farm is getting smaller.

    March 28, 2012 Mushapo

    Cloudy, fresh

    March 29, 2012  Went for a walk on the airstrip meeting many young men returning from diamond seeking. They dig deep holes, sometimes 14 m deep, to find a layer with gravel or so among which they find some diamonds. One of them showed us some, tiny little things, but they said it was a good day.

    March 30 Mushapo. Today we went by 4x4 to a nearby village, well almost, we had to cross the river by foot and then walk on to the


    village. A collection of mud huts and a main street of little stalls among which a few diamond places. Kids, kids everywhere. We visited 2 schools, presenting them with a FML set and Jesus and me booklet.


    Some school rooms were 3 by 5 meter for 45 kids who sit on the bare floor, unbelievable. The church looked better. We’re told that sometimes when the men find some diamonds they get another wife.


    You have to be careful where you walk. Sometime right at the edge of the path there are still these big holes, the edges covered with grass. Nobody seems to care that someone could fall in.


    In the evening an incredible thunderstorm very, very close and rain, rain, rain.

    March 31, Mushapo Today we had a meeting with the “school committee” to whom we explained the situation. They were cooperative and thankful. Today we heard John’s luggage had finally arrived.



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    Friday 13rd April 2012 at 23:31

    Very nice work, Mark! 

    May God bless you indeed!

    Sunday 15th April 2012 at 17:28

    Inspiring! God bless, although it won't let me sign my name, so i just put hi and it worked. Love, Clotilde

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